Thinking of filing for bankruptcy? Come see us; we may be able to show you a different way.



Let us help you navigate the restrictions lenders can place on individuals in your situation.
Avoid bankruptcy with a debt consolidation mortgage.

Bankruptcy is a fresh start—a new page, but with that fresh start comes seriously limiting consequences. After bankruptcy, many lenders will place restrictions on when they will give you a mortgage or how much of a down payment will be required.

We find many people don’t need to file for bankruptcy – they just need a little direction and some breathing room; a debt consolidation mortgage might just do the trick.

If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, come chat with us; we are not bankruptcy trustees and cannot give bankruptcy advice, but we will run over what bankruptcy will do for your home, mortgage, and financial options in the future.

If you have filed for bankruptcy, we have lenders who will lend on a home. Mortgage options will depend on how recently you filed and what type of credit you have re-established and whether a property was involved in the bankruptcy. We have helped people in the past get a mortgage the day after discharge from bankruptcy!

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