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Martin has been a licensed mortgage broker since 2005 and has helped over 1500 families in various circumstances. He has assisted individuals and couples throughout British Columbia and Alberta with credit ranging from a near perfect score to very difficult situations.

Martin understands the various mortgage needs that people face and that every situation isn’t perfect. Martin lives on a hobby farm and in his off time raises pigs and sheep. Prior to mortgage brokering Martin owned a wholesale meat company and a telemarketing company.

Martin is familiar with the housing market and renovates and flips a few houses a year. He understands how to get dirty, but also understands how to clean up and speak to the bankers in a language they understand! Martin will work hard to get a YES for your mortgage needs.


A Credit

Do you have excellent credit? As a mortgage broker I have access to over 200 different mortgage products from almost 30 different lenders. These A lenders pay my fees and no fees are charged to you.


B Credit

Our specialty is the B mortgage or the hard to place mortgage! We have access to many private and institutional lenders who will give folks a second chance.


C Credit

We will work with you along the path of credit repair! We have been in the industry for many years and understand that the first step is to get the current crisis under control and then to assist you in planning for the future.

Debt Consolidation /Refinance/Equity Take Out

We will work with you to formulate a plan to swap your high-interest debt for a lower interest mortgage loan, and then we will show you how to pay this debt off in a timely way.


Going through a divorce or separation can be painful, the mortgage part shouldn’t be! We can work with you to get a spouse off a title, to get money out of the marital home, or to buy a new house.


We find many people don’t need to file for bankruptcy – they just need a little direction and some breathing room; a debt consolidation mortgage might just do the trick.


If you find yourself painted into a corner with a foreclosure or a judgment on a title, some of our trusted lenders can help you find a way out.


Self-employed or retired individuals may have a hard time securing a lender for a loan, financing, or refinancing given their income is varied or unable to be shown in traditional ways. Let us help!

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